Flat image of the 'Down to Earth' Flannel. This image shows the front of the shirt, the seaming, the offset fabric of the pocket, the buttons, sleeve cuffs, and the raw-hem on the bottom edge of the shirt
Flat image of the 'Down to Earth' Flannel with one arm crossed over. This image focuses on showing the construction of the sleeve cuff, with double buttons and a wide cuff.
This image shows the back of the 'Down to Earth' Flannel, showcasing the seaming, raw-hem edge along the bottom of the garment, and a slogan 'Live Gold', with 'Live' burned into the fabric, and 'Gold' dyed into the garment.
This image shows a close-up of the collar of the shirt, with a custom Gold Boys clothing tag denoting the care instructions. This photo showcases the double seams found throughout the garment.
This image is a close-up of the side of the back panel of the shirt where the 'Live Gold' brand appears. This image also showcases the fibers of the raw-hem edge of the bottom of the shirt

Vendor: Gold Boys Clothing

'Down To Earth' Flannel

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The 'Down To Earth' Flannel is a great addition to any outfit. Featuring Earthy tones, a frayed bottom seam, and a lightweight fabric, this Flannel makes for an exceptional additional...